Temporary kosher flats in Buenos Aires
Temporary flats in Buenos Aires

The Shabat (Saturday) is one of the fundamental symbols of Judaism. The celebration of the Shabat comes from the Ten Commandments: “…remember the Saturday to sanctify it. Six days you'll work and accomplish your duties, but the seventh day, Saturday, you'll consecrate it to your G'd. The Kabalat Shabat is the welcome to Saturday, is the ceremony that marks Shabat's arrival.

It is done n the temple and has psalms specially selected for the occasion. The ritual includes the “Leja dodi”, one of the most important poetic creations, whose origin goes back from the Middle Age, at the mystic city of Tzfat (at the north of Israel); the Shabat is written as a bride whose groom – Israel People- receives her “Boí kalá” (welcome the bride – Shabat)

The candles lighting represents the beginning of Shabat. The Shabat candles became the symbol of “Shabat welcome” at home. It is used to light two candles: One for the “zajor” (recall) precept and another for “shamor” (take care of) Shabat day, to sanctify it. There are people that use to light a candle foe each family member.

promotion shabat
Shabat 1:
From 13 hs. friday
To 23 hs. saturday

Shabat 2:
From 13 hs. friday
To 10 hs. sunday

The Suites are near the most principal temples and communities (such as (Israelita Congregation of the Argentine Republic, Big Temple of Paso, Sucath David, Hebraica, Amia, etc.)

All our apartments are set up to receive the Shabat, with all the tableware and accessories that you need. For Sucot there are apartments.

Kosher apartments in Buenos Aires
Kosher flats in Argentina
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Temporary flats in Buenos Aires, Argentina
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Temporary kosher flats in Buenos Aires, Argentina
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